This goal of this project was to catalog all G-Able services in one place, so staff could quickly find answers to customer questions. With hundreds of sales people serving hundreds of customers, their siloed departments missed opportunities to cross-sell. Along with greater education and consultant training, we wanted this catalog to be the definitive resource for anyone trying to learn about company services.

It started as an internal tool (G-Wisdom), and was reinvented as a SaaS product (Lybrix) for an innovation competition.

Title: Director of Business Development at G-Able Thailand
Project Role:Product Owner, Creative Direction, Marketing and UX Design
Stakeholders: None – Hackathon

Research Process

We interviewed the heads of multiple departments to learn about their services, how they delivered them and what sales materials they had. We also ran focus groups with Sales staff to find out what information they needed to pass along to the customer.

System Design

A table showing the moderation statuses

The main goal was an easily browsable catalog, so that was the central feature; a tag-based search. I designed a full system for 3 user types with an editing and feedback system.


An editor could create a page with an existing template, or drag and drop content types to create their own. Pages were tabbed into 3 consistent areas, high level information in tab 1, pricing and sales information in tab 3. An editor had to submit their work to a manager (Moderator) who can publish it. After publishing, Editors can see their engagement statistics and answer comments.


I developed a fully-working prototype from the reader’s perspective. Beginning with a facets of categories, vendors and departments, users can filter out services that do not apply. The services are shown with a title, category, tags, and contact information for the project or department lead.

Once a user clicks on a product, they are brought to the service page, where multiple tabs contain Editor-added information. Other content includes a list of sales activities, related services and contact information.

G-Wisdom Prototype animation

Lybrix Marketing

I packaged and marketed G-Wisdom as a SaaS product. The name is a portmanteau of Library and Bricks, indicating the way the catalog helps you sort through blocks of content.

The Folder Hunt

Most companies have file access and labeling issues. I chose to highlight the issue of the “folder hunt” on a shared drive that exists in teams. A shared file is rarely labeled, and organization depends on disciplined employees keeping things in the correct folder. With a system that can label documents with multiple tags and categories, a hierarchical folder system would not be necessary.


UI Design

My designer created an original logo for Lybrix and we skinned the G-Wisdom portal as well as created a marketing website you can see here. We chose a deep green in a nod to old books, and kept the UI clean to showcase the data within.

Link to Lybrix Website

The solution catalog with a filter selected, and a single service page design.
A mockup of Lybrix for an insurance company sales catalog

Competition Entry

The company was holding an innovation competition, so we created this rough video to showcase the solution. It was filmed on an old GoPro with basic audio equipment, but it gets to the core of the marketing idea for the product.